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Grúa Telescópica 40TM

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grua telescopica 40TM

40TM | Telescopic crane

Telescopic cranes rental

Telescopic crane of 40 Tm. Conventional all-terrain crane with two axles. This type of telescopic crane is very useful for providing on-site services. The type of manoeuvres that can be carried out are formwork, stripping, concreting, etc.

  • Double winch: Allows the turning of prefabricated plates.
  • Manual nib: Manual extension with 15 m lattice jib. Folding at 45º.

Extremely versatile crane model. Very useful for a wide variety of lifting tasks in almost all weather conditions. You can reach any construction site quickly, either by road or on unpaved ground. Compact, with excellent manoeuvrability and designed with a single operator in mind.

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