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Founded by Manuel Aguado García on the 1st of August 1989, those tortuous, seemingly unending but unforgettable early journeys with the Suare and Mercedes trucks of the time are now well in the past. Transgruma was born with a small fleet of 8 trucks, obtained at the cost of great sacrifice, effort and work. Using a large dose of accumulated experience, combination of the traditional transportation business with the addition of truck cranes allowed a simplification of the transport, building and public works sectors in terms of the lifting and maneuvering of loads. The company has undergone an outstanding evolution since it was first founded. Under the direction of Manuel Aguado García, Transgruma now possesses a fleet of more than 80 vehicles.

This places us as one of the leading companies in our field on a national level. Transgruma Ltd. has consolidated itself as a service company whose job is to hire out truck-mounted cranes, telescopic cranes, mini spider cranes, concrete pumps, mobile lifting platforms on truck form persons, machinery for distribution of aggregates (mobile conveyor trucks aggregates “Telebelt”, mobile conveyor tower aggregates “Towerbelt”, aggregate dump trucks, fixed discharge hopper feeders and truck unloaders moving on wheels) and the transportation of any type of goods nationally or internationally, as well as the execution of all types of works and provision of building supplies.

The constant renewal and innovation of our machine park as a result of an exhaustive study of market needs of our customers has allowed Transgruma Ltd. expand its business internationally, with the introduction of new machinery designed for specific jobs. As a result of the international expansion of Transgruma Ltd. it should be noted the presence of machinery works and services in France and Portugal. This diversification of services and products has come about as a consequence of our dedication to quality that has been traditionally followed since the beginning and which has the ultimate goal of giving a quality service that makes us stand out from our competitors and with which our clients have been totally satisfied. In this sense, all of us who are part of Transgruma Ltd. are working towards “raising your confidence”.


Grúas ultracompacatas con gran capacidad de de carga y accesibilidad.
Ir a Minigrúas


Pasarelas Elevadoras Móviles de Personal para trabajos en negativo.


Plataformas Elevadoras Móviles de Personal sobre camión.

Camiones grúa

Gruás hidráulicas sobre camión de gran capacidad de carga.
Ir a Camiones grúa
Camiones grúa

Grúas telescópicas

Grúas telescópicas autopropulsadas de gran tonelaje.
Ir a Grúas telescópicas

Bombas de hormigón

Autobombas de elevación y distribución de hormigón y bombas estáticas.
Ir a Bombas de hormigón


Telebelt para elevación y distribución de áridos.
Ir a Telebelt
Cinta transportadora de áridos

Transportes especiales

Transporte de mercancías y maquinaria de gran tonelaje y volumen.
Ir a Transportes especiales


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