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Rising your Confidence

For Transgruma Ltd it has always been a key element in its corporate structure, the availability of a staff of professionals to develop their work with skill, responsibility, autonomy and professionalism.

Under this premise, combining youth and experience, currently Transgruma Ltd has a group of highly qualified professionals in all areas of business (administration, workshop and operations), able to solve any situation that is however complex this could be.

From the Director-General, and through the traffic department where they receive, distribute and allocate the services to be performed, are structured in different departments that make up the organization of the company’s billing, accounting, HR, purchasing, marketing, etc.. And all, each responsible for their own work and the role they perform, form a single unit with a common goal to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, taking into account their needs and the market.

All this is reached thanks to the high degree of commitment and involvement with the objectives, principles and philosophy of the company, acquired by all those who make Transgruma Ltd, which has characterized from the beginning, and thanks to the efforts of all currently conform the staff of Transgruma Ltd, and those not belonging to it, over the years have contributed to and participated in it, we managed to reach the objectives.

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